“Don’t walk away in silence”

Well it seems this weekend was a big weekend in more ways than just sorting out some piles of papers and cds.

The short version is that I’m going to be around on Live Journal a lot less from next week onwards.

I spent many hours alone in the flat this weekend, sorting out my CDs and a huge mountain of paperwork that has been hanging over me since we gave Maddoc his own room and turned our bedroom into a bedroom/study.

Especially after the cramped, claustrophobic feel of the flat over the last few weeks (with the whole decoration of the son and heir’s swish new room) it was such a refreshing feeling to see the flat in this state yesterday evening.

However, I digress, slightly.

So this Live Journal thing, well I’ve been having fun and I’ve met some wonderful people, people who I have ended up working with, starting a business with, people who I have taken advice from, laughed with, cried with, shared my soul with.

Things seem to be changing now though, and I’m not sure if it’s me or LJ (or both), as I get the impression that my flist are just not posting like they used to and if they are for whatever reason I’m missing the posts. There has certainly been a change in commenting too and even though last week was especially strange with loss of internet and Live Journal’s problems with notifications, it seems my posts are not read as much as they used to be. This is of course a generalisation as a few of the list are commenting more than ever before.

Whatever is going on, it has made me less enthusiastic about posting and resulted in me thinking more about the whole blogging thing. It was interesting to read then this weekend that at least one of my flist was going to be blogging less and one decided it was time to blog more, racking up over 17 posts in two days…

Other factors have been taken into account, with the fact that next Wednesday, mine and

‘s publishing company Eneit Press will be open for business and that means a hell of a lot of work. Instead of being on paternity leave, grabbing the odd hour here and there to post and comment, I’ll be a full-time businessman, needing to spend much more quality time with my son, due to not seeing him through the days as I do now.

I also have reviews I want to get on top of and stories I HAVE to write; these things have been plaguing me for a while now and to get back into the swing will make me feel a lot more accomplished.

Upon saying this, I’m not stopping my LJ activity, just minimising it greatly. I think I write, on average, around fifteen posts a week. This figure I am aiming to drop to one, maybe two a week. I am hoping to be able to announce things related to the business and keep you up-to-date with everything going on over here, touching base with the LJ faithful still interested in reading.

I think two of the key moments happened this week, the first being Maddoc falling off the sofa, because I thought Etina was watching him and I was busy replying to a comment and on Friday when I typed a post, I heard Maddoc repeating the same word over and over again. It was only when I ‘spared’ him a moment that I noticed that the reason he was repeating the word was because he was trying to show me that he knew the word for ‘bird’ and he was attempting to say it and point so that I could confirm it for him. Talk about guilt trip!

Live Journal has given me so much over the last year or so and it feels like I’m closing a very important chapter, whilst getting ready for a new unknown one. It remains to be seen what I am actually going to do as the move from the monkey to the current journal didn’t go as expected, so it’s anyone’s guess. I still haven’t decided whether this week is going to be a mighty send off with all sorts of craziness, or whether it’s going to be a mellow fade out.

I just hope I can make the one post a week interesting enough for you lot to hang around!

About Mark S. Deniz

English teacher, writer, editor, publisher, reviewer and blogger. Founder of publishing company, Morrigan Books and imprint, Gilgamesh Press. Also cycles, listens to lots and lots of music, reads a ton of books and tries to fit in some TV, film and writing too. View all posts by Mark S. Deniz

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