That friends quiz going around…

Due to my love of the high school element, I obviously went for 100 questions…

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Take the quiz.
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1) Does dynamine smoke? I have no idea
2) What flavor of jello would ashamel be? Liquorice – dark and mysterious… lol
3) Where did you first meet abygael? On the net
4) What exotic animal would integritysinger like as a pet? Possum, maybe
5) Has drewshi dyed their hair? No but it would look good in green
6) Is angelfsh popular? She should be
7) Would gerardbrennan be a better ninja or pirate? An Irish Pirate “Argh me hearties, to be sure”
8) What would angelfsh think of fixnwrtr? That she was clever and talented
9) Did art_journaling break up with you? No but if she did ther’d be big trouble!
10) What planet should stephanietberry be from? Alderaan
11) Has shereenb been to your house/dorm? No but is most welcome
12) Is dafne99 athletic? Sort of, in a dancer kind of way
13) What would kaaronwarren give tropic_dm for his/her birthday? A turtle cushion
14) Have you ever dated eneit? *giggles*
15) Does halspacejock have a big secret? I’m sure he does
16) Is gaaneden a nerd? Big time!
17) What video game does shereenb remind you of? Manic Miner – very funny and hugely addictive!
18) How would stephcampisi kill antepohl? With Russian!
19) If eneit took over the world, who would suffer? Idiots, mainly
20) Is halspacejock an emo? I’d have to say no
21) If little_foxy and davidbain were siamese twins where would they be joined? Ears
22) How long would the_faery_queen dating drewshi last? Erm, two days, maybe three, as she does watch Doctor Who…
23) Is viciousdisorder single? No
24) Is mylefteye your best friend? No, I don’t even like him, he just keeps appearing on these things!
25) Where would ambasadora most like to visit? Sweden, I guess
26) What do you agree with viciousdisorder about? That her new house is ace!
27) Thoughts on pete23? I still can’t believe he’s a dad
28) What word best describes girliejones? Wonderful
29) Is athene_632 related to you? No
30) Is morbidmusings friends with abygael? No but she should be
31) Does rainbear go to your school? No
32) Is pete23 a college student? No
33) Which president would fixnwrtr be likely to idolize? Lincoln (not sure)
34) Have you flirted with jillyanne? I believe so
35) Are eneit and ajjones going out? *head explodes*
36) How many monkeys could ashamel fight at once and win against? Oh at least 33
37) What do you disagree with jadeweasal about? Not much I don’t think
38) If angelfsh and ajjones were spliced together, what would it be like? Too scary for words
39) What languages does eneit speak? A strange and sometimes confusing form of English
40) Does pete23 have a crush on eneit? I bet he does, I’m going to ask later…
41) Would kaaronwarren and wolflady26 look good together? Naw
42) What is drpearce‘s favorite band/artist? I have no idea
43) Does tropic_dm drink? Yes, in abundance *winks*
44) Where was angriest born? Australia
45) If jennafern and pocket_unv were spliced together, what would be its name? Jennapocket!
46) Would you wrestle anged in jello? No she’d win and I’d be shamed for eternity
47) What is integritysinger allergic to? Possums
48) etina‘s hair color? Blackish
49) Would drpearce go out with stephanietberry? He’d be a fool not to
50) How would angriest conquer the world? Through the art of theatre performances
51) What mental disorder does dynamine remind you of? ?
52) Do you think eneit is hot? Well it is summer there and there has been a drought… *winks*
53) Would capnoblivious and elle_clouse make a good couple? No, they wouldn’t
54) What rank would leopardess have in a giant robot army? Robot sylist
55) Could you see groundbyground and ajjones together? No
56) What is capnoblivious‘s favorite food? Anything on the bbq
57) If davidbain were hanging off a cliff, what would ninja_pencil do? Sketch him
58) What song/movie would you recommend to capnoblivious? Three Seasons
59) Do girliejones and morbidmusings go to the same school? No
60) How tall is kroker? A very short alien
61) If ashr501 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Dr. Scarab
62) What color should abygael dye their hair? Purple of course!
63) One thing you can’t stand about ambasadora? She’s too good looking, it shouldn’t be allowed!
64) Is ajjones introverted or extroverted? She’s and intro/extrovert
65) If integritysinger had a superpower, what would it be? Dissection without the use of tools… ewww
66) How long have you known angriest? A few months
67) What is darksong‘s favorite color? White
68) What comic book character would stephcampisi be? Ste’ph Ca’isis and the apostrophe machine
69) Is little_foxy dead sexy? She’s not dead is she?
70) When did you last call ashamel? Never have
71) What is jennafern‘s biggest flaw? She doesn’t comment on my LJ enough… *winks*
72) Is viciousdisorder 1337? Probably
73) Would you set up anghara and the_faery_queen? OMG no
74) Does ashr501 have a dog? I think no but am not sure
75) Which of your friends should dafne99 go out with? sin_unbound… *winks*
76) Do you have a crush on athene_632? Not that I am aware of
77) What is kroker‘s favorite game? Pop out the sprog
78) Where was mynxii born? Australia
79) What would you do if you found out dynamine has a crush on you? Smile
80) What is mynxii‘s favorite movie? Some Manga thing maybe
81) Do you have gerardbrennan‘s screenname? Eh?
82) What would morbidmusings do differently in your shoes? Fall over
83) Is jennafern related to wolflady26? No
84) Would you ever date kaaronwarren? In a parallel that would be entirely possible
85) Does gaaneden know morbidmusings? No
86) davidbain‘s eye color? Brown
87) Are pocket_unv and mylefteye going steady? *rolls around laughing*
88) Is kaaronwarren in a relationship? Married
89) Does anged travel a lot? Yes, she does
90) One quality you find attractive in catsparx? Her bubbly personality
91) Is girliejones a high school student? No
92) If shereenb commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Me, for a start
93) What animal does ambasadora remind you of? Eagle – beautiful and majestic
94) If angriest took over the world, who would be happy? Theatre lovers
95) What is erybar‘s shoe size? I do not know
96) Are darksong and jennafern married? If they are they never told me!
97) Would you make out with wild_heart? Would I ever!… ahem… I mean I suppose
98) Does dynamine do drugs? Not that I am aware of
99) What animal should jadeweasal be combined with? Weasel
100) What would you do if leopardess died? Do an over the top wail and then steal her camera

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