Bike Tour #1 = Norrköping area, 14th April 2007

A little late here but this was the first cycle of the year.


The first of this year’s bike tours took me back to an especial favourite of 2005. It’s a relatively short course (around 29km) and my record was achieved towards the end of my tours in 2005. I did the route in 1hr and 6mins, and have yet to beat that one, even having come close a couple of times.

This being my first run of the year meant that I was under no illusions that I’d get a new record and instead I was satisfied with the 1hr 14mins I achieved. It’s a tough course to start with as it has a couple of meaty hills, one of them which leads you into a false sense of security by giving you a sense that you are almost there, when a nastier side to the hill is right around the corner!

My mountain bike is showing signs of wear and tear and gear changing is becoming problematic, along with tyres that have pretty much given up the ghost. I bought this bike for 1,000kr (£60, $143, $169(AUD)) in 2002 and have paid around double that in repair and maintenance since then. I think that’s pretty good for a bike that has served me well.

Here’s a few pics of day one:

Halfway up that nasty hill (I could allow myself a pause with it being my first time)!

It’s 40% forest in this country apparently…

Man on mission.

A friend I met along the way!


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