Bike Tour #6 = ‘Mem’, 8th June 2007

I have no pictures from the previous four tours of the year, so I start here with Mem on Thursday evening.

Getting back into cycling has been the highlight of the week in many ways, with my first serious cycle in quite a while on Thursday night. I cycled for just under two hours (1hr 54 mins to be precise) and realised so many things again, regarding the difference between the mountain bike and the racing bike.

The mountain bike is fun, I just get on it and go, cycle anywhere, bounce around a bit, get a feel for the outdoors. The racing bike is a whole other story, I had forgotten how lightweight it is, how a gust of wind threatens to put me off balance, how I have to watch the road for that small twig, lest I career off the road to my doom (well a couple of bruises at least).

The concentration is akin to driving a car with the added fun of knowing that there is absolutely no steel between you and nasty accidents (yes, I’m a cheery cyclist!) There is a real mental element to the racing bike, very much missing from the mountain bike (unless pounding down mountains of course!). This is also shown by the gear changing element, which with the racing bike is almost constant to maintain optimum speed. I have about four standard gears on the mountain bike and don’t really deviate from them, as I never need to.

Thursday’s cycle took me to Mem, a place I had never visited before but one in which I think I may go to on Monday, as it is a really beautiful location, very peaceful! For some reason I didn’t take any shots of the area when I was down there but here’s a couple of the surrounding area.

This is the approach road to Mem, the village itself is on the right hand side of this lake (as seen here) and is a really picturesque area.

And here we are, time to go down the hill and sit by the lake!


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