Bike Tour #7 = ‘Kuddby’, 9th June 2007

Friday night was a make or break cycle, due to the horrible day I had had before it.


There was a sense of things being not as they should when the planned departure of 16:30 was aborted at the last second, as my headache had gotten worse and I felt suddenly very tired.

The plan was to have a nap and see if I felt refreshed enough to go later on, although I changed my mind and popped Ghost World into the DVD player (an interesting film, with lots of wonderful moments, yet ultimately incredibly slow). The film finished at 18:30 and then I felt ready.

Leaving the flat at 18:45 meant I couldn’t keep to my original plan of Stegeborg, the biggest course I have ever cycled, my best time being an impressive 3hrs 33mins, as this would mean I’d be back too late (the racing bike has no lights as they would slow it down).

I then decided on Östra Husby, a route that was an old favourite of mine when cycling with the mountain bike, even though it’s 100% road and so better suited to the racing bike.

I was only 48mins in when I realised I was too tired for this route too and decided to carry on to Kuddby (8km before Östra Husby) and then cycle back from there. It was a good cycle to Kuddby, nice weather, wind not too problematic and Tool and Throwing Muses dominating the mp3 player.

After a nice cup of tea, banana, apple and pear at Kuddby, I decided to go sans tunes on the way home, as the light was not as strong and the sun’s position made it hard to see what was going on behind me (I’m a pretty safety-conscious cyclist when all is said and done!).

Anyway all was going well until I was 10km outside Norrköping (I had been cycling for 1hr 29mins at this point) when the back tyre got a bit wobbly. I got off to check it out and realised it had softened somewhat but thankfully wasn’t punctured. Out came the pump, which isn’t designed for this bike, and I proceeded to let almost all the air out of the tyre without being able to pump it back up.

And so began the 1hr 30mins walk home, cursing the fact I haven’t had time to buy the travel pump to fit this bike, and making the grand total time for this tour 3 hours long, with only half of that on the bike.

Anyway, I got a couple of pictures before pear-shaped project began:

Kuddby church. This is my halfway point for a bit of water and fruit.

Only 22km back to Norrköping from here (might have been quicker if I’d been on the bike all that time)!

THE bike. It’s a beauty this and, punctures aside, has been a joy every time I’ve been on it.

Somebody thinks he’s being cleverly pretentious with this shot!



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