Bike Tour #8 = ‘Söderköping’, 10th June 2007

After spending quite a bit of Saturday repairing both bikes (both back tyres and changing tyres on mountain bike) I thought it was time to go for a long cycle Sunday.

Deciding to set off at 16:30 was always going to bring its own problems, as the temperature was a tad hot and I was a little worried about fatigue.

However, none of that proved to be a problem as within five minutes of leaving the flat, the back tyre of the racing bike exploded, halting any option of going out on that bike until I had returned to the shop and asked them what the hell they meant when they stated there was nothing wrong with the valve!

I walked back home with the racing bike and got the old trusty beast (mountain bike) out and set off for an entirely different route (at least an hour shorter).

I realised I had only done this exact route once before and that was last year with my friend Per. On that occasion he had the beast and I had my racing bike (as he currently has no bike).

It’s a really nice route, going down through some really scenic areas and plaguing me with a couple of hard work hills. Wind was a problem as I would get up to some decent speeds whilst cycling downhill only to find the wind acting as a powerful brake when least needed anddropping my average speeds quite significantly.

Ayway it was the longest cycle of the year so far at exactly 2 hours and considering my recent spate of bad luck with the two bikes, pretty enjoyable.

Time for the pics:

Just outside the small village of Tåby, a couple of rune stones

On the bank of the Göta Kanal, having tea and a banana (very near Söderköping’s golf course)!

Early evening on the canal

Looking towards the start of my least favourite hill.


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