Bike Tour #11 = ‘Finspång’, 15th June 2007

Having jogged 5km to the bike shop to pick up my beloved racing bike, I decided to cycle for an hour or so to get a feel for it after its repair.

I was impressed with my little run up to the shop, being as it was that I had a rucksack on my back fully kitted out for the bike and that I wasn’t feeling that sprightly. When I got to the shop, praying they’d found the problem, I decided the best I could manage was around 40 minutes on the bike, making my total up to an hour for the day, which is the standard exercise session (in this flat anyway).

Imagine my surprise then when I returned home, over 2 hours and 57 km later, due to the joy at having a bike I didn’t have to fear and after making such good headway on the outward journey that I was reluctant to turn back!

Yesterday was another record, although again due to the fact that this is a course I have never attempted before and doubt I will again. It has some beautiful scenery, cycling as I am aside a lake for most of the journey but the road is being worked on and traffic is heavy on the ’51’.

The fault was with the shop, they apologised profusely for sending me home on Tuesday with a big hole in my tyre, guaranteeing that the second I ran over a stone, I would get a puncture. They replaced the tyre and I decided to take the risk of cycling 28 km out of town to make sure that the new one was okay.

Although the record is purely because I haven’t done the course before, the average speed and maximum speed rank high in my best cycles to date and this cycle got me itching to get a few of the statistics for older courses out of the archives and give them a pasting soon!

Pictures will be added to the post later, due to being taken on my SLR, (the digital camera was with Maddoc at a party!)…

Time: 02:06:38
Distance: 57.06 km
Average Speed: 27.0 km/h
Max. Speed: 50.7 km/h
Calories: 1163.8


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