Bike Tours #12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (Various locations)

Much as I’d rather keep up-to-date this week has made life difficult!

Tour #12 = ‘Mem’, 16th June 2007

I mentioned earlier about a couple of records being set for the first time, missing out Mem as one of those. Well the record I set a couple of weeks ago was beaten spectacularly with this one, being as it was that I took 11 minutes off the previous cycle! It was a tough ride there and the wind was biting meaning I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted. I drunk my tea quickly and was relieved that on the way home the wind was pushing me back, pushing my average speed up to a respectable level.

A strange building by the canal at Mem

Looking over the lake at Mem from the picnic area

The village of Mem from the picnic area

Small white house in Mem

Welcome to Göta canal!

A well-earned break!

Tour #13 = ‘Kuddby’, 18th June

This was a day of achievements, both in terms of the business and cycle and I knew, after five minutes or so that this was going to be a special ride and so it proved to be. This cycle ended up becoming my all-time record for an average km/h of any cycle since I rejoined the cycling world in 2004. I managed to maintain a speed of 29.4 km/h for 1hr and 52 mins, and while this is nothing for the true cyclists out there, for me, it was pretty damned impressive!

Go me!

(there are no pics as you’ve already seen Kuddby.)

Tour #14 = ‘Östra Stenby’, 19th June

I followed up the all-time cycle with a real nightmare of one. I decided to try a new course and everything went well for the first hour. I then made the mistake of venturing a little further afield and got caught in one hell of a storm. I had clouds chasing me, was drenched (even after taking my fleece out of my bag) and witnessed more than enough lightning bolts at a closer range than I would have liked. To top it all off, the speedometer died after being drenched in rain (it got better though)!

And there’s THAT cloud (it truly hated me that one)!

Tour #15 = ‘Rotenberg’, 20th June

Not deterred by the awful cycle the day before, I went off to try and find the ferry up north, having read that Rotenberg was the way to go. I was quite disastrously wrong in that assumption as not only was Rotenberg not the way to go (being a dead end) but for the last five km I was subjected to gravel roads, which are not particularly healthy for my beloved racer.

Felt like I was in a ghost village: no one around and beautifully preserved, empty houses…

Did I see someone in the window?

The only road in or out of Rotenberg (complete with bike)

The Village anyone?

Tour #16 = ‘Söderköping’, 23rd June

Another course I’ve already done this year (and which you have seen pictures of) and this was one that had made me realise how good my record of 2006 was when I attempted to beat it a couple of weeks ago and failed miserably.

Well, the records are only there to be broken and I smashed this one, dropping my record time down from 1hr 42 mins to a healthy 1hr 30 mins. I rockethed muchly on this run!

Tour #17 = ‘Skenäs’, 24th June

A brand new course today as I managed to find the mysterious ferry (not that mysterious if you look at the map properly) and found my way in a rather enjoyable circle around the lake, taking 2hrs and 43 mins. It is a record, purely for being the first attempt at this but one that is beatable.

Waiting for the ferry at Skenäs

View from the ferry

A welcome break!

The view from the other side of the lake

Another view from the lakeside

On the way home (only 36km to go)

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