For those with a love of literature…

I had a few chats yesterday (being as I am the oh so sociable one these days!) and one of these chats stuck out in mind. More for the surprise contained within it than anything else.

Bit of background – I had chatted to someone earlier in the day about a collection of short stories that I had bought them. We discussed one of them, one which I liked, which the recipient said made them shake with anger due to it being so weak and they wondered what had possessed the writer to write such an awful piece of fiction.

This is not what stands out for me but rather another chat, later on that day. I was relating the earlier conversation as this person was actually the one that got me the said book. Their response was:

“But why, it’s only a story?”

and I was momentarily shocked before asking if this person had gotten angry at a story or book to the response of:

“No, bad stories don’t touch me”

I’m just curious about this as I have been known to throw books across rooms in my anger (yes more than one room at a time!) and was just wondering what others on my beloved flist thought as I thought I was in the majority but realise I could be in yet another minority…

So whaddya think, do you want to kill certain authors by ramming their atrocious works down their throats or do you just shrug and pick up the next one, hoping it’s better?

Come on, spill the beans!


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