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I’m in Oz!

I’m here – after some early ups and downs:

More info

I got to meet

amandapillar, eneit and littlefoxy

 (with many more to come)!

(Oh it was sunny and warm today… )

Thursday night, 23:29

I’m a little all over the place at the moment, my head really isn’t working as it should…

I’ll be back here… just not sure when…

Australian Spec Fic Carnival (via Scandinavia)

Ithas not been confirmed as to whether I am the first non-Australian host of the Australian Speculative Fiction Carnival but I am apparently the first from the northern hemisphere…

For those starting to get a little concerned by the Englishman gatecrashing the Australian spec fic community, I sympathise, for I know how it is to be with me day in day out too and it’s not fun (well not all the time anyway).

Loathe as I am to harp on about myself I feel it my duty to direct you to the new publishing company, Eneit Press, run by your very own

and myself. The company has many exciting projects on the go but most important just now is our baby, In Bad Dreams – Volume One, which hits Conflux 4, 29th September 2007.

Other stuff within this month of speculative fiction:

Snapshot began earlier than my caretaking duties but carried on into them too, and there were some jolly fine interviews in there, not least Karren Waaron, Robert Hood, Justine Larbalestier, Deborah Biancotti, Stephanie Campisi, Martin Livings, Ben Peek, etc., etc.

Kathryn Linge went all statistical, with the most prominent bloggers list.

Ben Payne gives us an insight into the delights of getting spec fic mags at your local newsagents.

Girlie Jones discusses the strange state of affairs when requesting review copies.

Glenda Larke points our way to a new site devoted to SFF awards…

Trent Jamieson is just a little too productive to not be jealous of…

Jennifer Fallon is far too successful for her own good!

Cassiphone has a thought, a question, an idea – get it? She also seems very impressed by that Margo Lanagan too…

Shiny! is out! Of course I got my copy!

Andrew Macrae lets us see a pretty darn fine cover of a very interesting sounding book!

Followed by Cat Sparks with another excellent cover from Nick Stahopolous!

Gillian Polack gives us the updated CSFG bibliography.

The Dozois YB Honourable Mentions list is offered by Girlie Jones

Hal Spacejock 4 looks to be well on its way!

Karen Miller is progressing and enjoying some reviews too!

Those ten minute tales by Martin Livings are certainly… erm… something…

Paul Haines was happy with the Orb 7 review over at Horrorscope, just before he got some not so great news. Get well soon Paul.

There’s also been lots of stuff about rejections too but you don’t want to read all that now do you?

You actually did want to read it, I’m shocked frankly! They do say that writers are masochists though.

Another interview out of the way…

… and the quote from the photographer that I feel the need to share was:

“You’ve got a beautiful smile Mark but you don’t like showing it do you? Is this some image you have?”

Ah… um… well…


Oh you bloody machine you!

Have just found out that I have actually not received half of the notifications for comments that I should of done *hits computer* and will attempt to catch up on missed stuff today…


“You just haven’t earned it yet baby”

Tomorrow afternoon. Two o’clock. Newspaper interview.

I hope I’m not still talking in artistic short sentences when they come…

“I crashed down on the crossbar…

… and the pain was enough to make
a shy, bald, buddhist reflect”

Welcome to sword weilding maniac

! Hope my journal (with its lack of swords) keeps you amused!

I got tagged to do one of them seven strange things habits and what not… you know? (blame


1. I’m very conscious about wasting energy, I don’t overrun water, i don’t leave lights on (or at least I try not to) when I leave a room BUT if I’m going out and I have an album playing, I leave it on. I don’t know if it’s so I can hear the music right until I leave the flat or if it has something to do with feeling bad about turning it off but I just don’t go back in and press stop.

2. I have many habits counted by psychologists as clear signs of nervous tension/stress, such as: biting nails, biting my skin around my nails and playing with my ears. What’s so weird about that? Well what’s weird is I do them at home alone and when I’m having the time of my life at a party. I just can’t decide when it’s the right time to do it and when not.

3. Sometimes when I’m really in a rush to finish a book, I miss several paragraphs at a time to get me where I need to be and then get stressed when I find I’ve missed an important plot development or cliffhanger.

4. When I wear t-shirts with text on them, I get confused when I notice people not reading them…

5. I used to love salads in all their varying forms but now I pull my face if there isn’t a jar of tahine next to my plate when salad is around.

6. I can sit in front of the computer for at least ten minutes doing nothing if I have more than a couple of things to do. Then I snap out of the coma and get on with everything.

7. I love fives, I think things fit nice into top fives and such, they look cosy (who the hell came up with seven?) although when grading films and books I prefer a one to ten setting (and recently albums have gained a one to 100 setting).

And that was that, I’m supposed to tag some people now and I’m going to go for people I don’t know as well as I’d like, hoping I find out some interesting thingsabout them and they are:





. Get to it people!

“When you cycled by…

… here began all my dreams”
(only two left and not a single point claimed yet… maybe nobody else likes The Smiths)

We’re travelling to Australia this week!

“Haven’t had a dream in a long time”

Tis done, Lego Star Wars II is 100% complete and only took 56 hours to achieve!

What was that you say, 56 hours?

Yep, 56 hours.

How many books would that have been?


*shuffles off*[1]
[1] Not this mortal coil thankfully

“I would go out tonight…

… but I haven’t got a stitch to wear”

(pah, how easy?)

It’s resolution time!