It’s been a music kind of week…

Not only have I been off promoting the boys that are Closer but there have been other things on my mind music-wise after buying the new speakers.

The speakers have made sitting in our living room even more comfy (like it wasn’t enough already!)

Oh, look and here they are:

this little selection is in response to

‘s question as to whether I had adequate stuff to listen to my music on (as opposed to the lump of junk I’m sat in front of now… )

Here’s some useless trivia facts that you may or may not be interested in:

  • The turntable was a Christmas pressie from the wife and one of the ‘babies’ of the collection. I do like my vinyl every now and again!
  • The CD player IS the baby. Etina bought a CD recorder for me, which brought no end of bother and we eventually gave it back to the shop. My saviour was being able to add a few kronor on to get this thing. It’s a beautiful little machine and has never let me down yet.
  • The amplifier was a ‘must buy new amp but haven’t got any money’ kind of buy. It lets the side down a bit but has hung on admirably and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. (Maddoc loves the volume setting.)
  • The tape deck was a ‘you never know when they might come in handy sometime’ and I’ve used it now and again. A second hand purchase of not that much money.
  • The radio is more for Etina than me as I very rarely listen, not being a fan of radio (there is not enough time to listen to great music so why listen to crap?). It was a steal at our local charity shop.
  • The speakers are the most expensive thing in the collection (even second hand) and pack one hell of a punch. They have really made me go through my music collection again and come to these conclusions…

And so what has being going on music-wise then?

  • Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me, is easily one of The Smiths best songs (and that intro is just sublime and rates along with The Queen is Dead and How Soon is Now).
  • I had always placed Movement as the album that, when you’ve exhausted a New Order session, you can throw this on as a stocking filler. Today I realised it is actually one of their better albums. I am getting wiser it seems…[1]
  • It doesn’t matter how good you think Kristin Hersh is, every time you put on one of her albums you realise she is better than you thought she was[2]
  • I have realised I have come to like more music but I respect less artists.
  • Try as I might I cannot get Maddoc on film dancing to Blue Monday[3] for the second I bring out the camcorder, off he goes doing something else!
  • There is much in my collection that I am still mightily impressed with.
  • My collection is lacking in several areas.
  • If I took out all of my CDs and piled them in a tower it would be rather high[4].
  • Me and the boy need to get back to our ’36 album part two bonanza’ soon.
  • Who let the dogs out? Do you know?

And I leave you for now, wondering myself whether to tackle the might that is my resolution list…

[1] Although I doubt many peoplewould actually agree
[2] Realised whilst listening to Hips and Makers last weekend
[3] The best selling 12″ of all time
[4] According to scientific research


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