Time for one of those computery type question post thingies

Getting rid of current heap o junk desktop and buying bits to build a custom computer with help of a friend:

Spoke to someone in the know last night and he gave me a few tips. Would like to see what those who have some experience think too.

After getting into the publishing business, I’ve found I’m required to work with different programs more often. One of those that my current lump doesn’t like at all is InDesign, being as files can take quite some time to load up and change. I also struggle a bit when using high quality pics on Photoshop.

Here’s what I have at the mo:
Acer *does a quick hex* Aspire E360 – MB72
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
250GB HDD (not that you needed to know that but hey)
nVidia GeForce 6200LE 256MB
1GB internal memory

My advisor mentioned that it could be the processor that is causing the problems and that with a custom built pc, this is what I should be looking at.

We went through the components last night and we got to a price of: $1,500 (USD) for a decent system that would do all I wanted (and more). This included an XP package and the chassi too.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions from those with way more experience than me?


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