“I crashed down on the crossbar…

… and the pain was enough to make
a shy, bald, buddhist reflect”

Welcome to sword weilding maniac

! Hope my journal (with its lack of swords) keeps you amused!

I got tagged to do one of them seven strange things habits and what not… you know? (blame


1. I’m very conscious about wasting energy, I don’t overrun water, i don’t leave lights on (or at least I try not to) when I leave a room BUT if I’m going out and I have an album playing, I leave it on. I don’t know if it’s so I can hear the music right until I leave the flat or if it has something to do with feeling bad about turning it off but I just don’t go back in and press stop.

2. I have many habits counted by psychologists as clear signs of nervous tension/stress, such as: biting nails, biting my skin around my nails and playing with my ears. What’s so weird about that? Well what’s weird is I do them at home alone and when I’m having the time of my life at a party. I just can’t decide when it’s the right time to do it and when not.

3. Sometimes when I’m really in a rush to finish a book, I miss several paragraphs at a time to get me where I need to be and then get stressed when I find I’ve missed an important plot development or cliffhanger.

4. When I wear t-shirts with text on them, I get confused when I notice people not reading them…

5. I used to love salads in all their varying forms but now I pull my face if there isn’t a jar of tahine next to my plate when salad is around.

6. I can sit in front of the computer for at least ten minutes doing nothing if I have more than a couple of things to do. Then I snap out of the coma and get on with everything.

7. I love fives, I think things fit nice into top fives and such, they look cosy (who the hell came up with seven?) although when grading films and books I prefer a one to ten setting (and recently albums have gained a one to 100 setting).

And that was that, I’m supposed to tag some people now and I’m going to go for people I don’t know as well as I’d like, hoping I find out some interesting thingsabout them and they are:





. Get to it people!

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