That cold smack in the face again

I’m back and don’t I know it. Today was more of a rude awakening than normal, as usually when I travel abroad I return to our flat and get settled in before seeing the big wide world outside my front door. This time has been a case of away for a month and then slap bang into the middle of Sweden’s capital.

And it’s not been good. I’ve had not nice things to say to people so far, have overreacted in at least two situations and generally been a miserable bastard all round. I’m trying to put it down to jet-lag and coming back to rain and cold winds but unfortunately I have to realise that is the collective people around me that make me this way.

What didn’t help was the book launch scheduled for the 10th November in Sweden that has had to be cancelled. Why was it cancelled you ask and I am so disappointed to have to say that it is because around 80% of my guest list didn’t even think it was worth replying to me to let me know they weren’t coming, and I wonder seriously if this would have happened in England (or Australia for that matter) that so many friends, colleagues and contacts wouldn’t think that someone they know (and supposedly like) might get upset by the fact that they didn’t seem to care less that he had started his own publishing company or published an anthology (or both).

It’s been one of those days.


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