Still haven’t got time to sit down and compose my Australia post, was extremely busy last night working out all the figures for the business so far and tracking down all our books so we know where we are with them.

I was very impressed with my memory last night as within an hour I had worked out where all the books are (or went) and my mathematical excel skills were impressive too as I was able to work out the business finances.

The book and business itself are in debt at this moment but that was something we knew about when we started. Now is a case of selling off our remaining books and getting ready for the UK and US release of In Bad Dreams – Volume One.

I have received so many questions so far about In Bad Dreams – Volume Two and that can only be a good thing, especially as Eneit Press will be announcing two more anthologies soon, one for release next year and the other for early 2009. I will of course keep you informed on that.

Having problems with net (wireless connection) and so me and

are having to switch between the computers, thus forcing me to watch a bit of TV instead of working 100%. I have so far watched the first episode of season three of Supernatural and am up to date on the second season of Dexter (yes

, there will be squeeing soon!). I haven’t got around to Heroes yet, being as I was disappointed with the end of season one and being as folk that I respect have been whining about it already. I will watch it though, I’m just not in a rush.

Curious as to whether there are those on my flist that fancy being a super proofreader for Eneit Press. I would need you to be able to read things quickly but also to have time to comment. Most of all I need you to be able to be ruthless and say what’s what, rather than pussyfoot around. Anyone interested?

I’m also pondering working on the saga that is ‘November’ again next year and getting it ready for publication. Anyone up for ripping that book apart?

Back to the books…


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