Vanity Press or not?

Was talking to a friend yesterday regarding a deal they had been offered by a publisher. The deal was basically that they were going to offer friend an e-book contract, with the option of the book going into print (using POD) if the friend paid a set-up fee.

I, along with a few others, warned said friend that this sounded like a Vanity Press deal and was quickly told that this was not the case at all. It was also pointed out that I am very new to the publishing world and that the friend had been informed by others much more experienced than me that this was a fair deal.

In this my friend has a point and so I bow to superior knowledge.

I’m curious as to my flist’s opinions on this as I am very much of the belief that if I want to publish an author’s work, not only should my company pay them for that but that any printing costs should be dealt with and paid for by the company too.

What say thee?

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