That novel thang

First up a big welcome to resar, hope you enjoy your stay here!

A happy birthday to tabra, wishing you all the best and… *looks at clock and coverts time to Australian time* that you had a good day *facepalm*

And a fond farewell to dafne99, I for one, will miss you around here. We had an interesting and intense connection on LJ over the last year and I hope you’ll be back on here in the future. All the best chuck!

Okay then, zee novel:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,173 / 50,000

Ooh, I used the advanced word counter here, if you look carefully you’ll see a grey bit before the red bit and that’s previous words, with the red being today’s. But will you look at that total, if I’d done another 1,000 today I would have cleared today’s, tomorrow’s and Monday’s objective, which I’m a bit impressed with, seeing as there is tomorrow and Monday still to come and I’ve nearly done the ballroom bathroom blitz too!

*dances a bit*

So why the wordage? Well last night I was getting worried about it all, the story had changed in front of my very eyes and those due to save the world were out to destroy it instead (and I didn’t say they could do that)!

Today however, their role seems much more clear and two characters stood out. One is the hero, sort of, and he did the biz today with a few action scenes.

The other was Alice, who is easily my favourite character and will win the hearts of millions when she appears on the scene sometime next year. She’s just wonderful and even though she can’t decide whether she’s going to end the world or save it, she will do it the best way ever.

The biggest shock in all this? She’s French!

You’ll love her, I know you will!

Well, off to finish that bathroom and then I’m treating myself to the two hour episode of BSG… ooh baby, ooh gravy!

Hope your books are going well too!

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