An update on vanity press (or lack of it)

I like when I get meaty discussion topics, and I like when there’s a follow up too.

Today I got tipped to have a look at Writer’s Exchange’s website and their submission guidelines, especially as they have answered our comments about whether they are a vanity press or not.

Writers Exchange Submission Guidelines

Again thanks for comments and opinions, tis always appreciated!

What did you say, NaNoWriMo today? Well that would be NaNoWriDa for today (National No Writing Day) as my word count for the day is zip, zilch, zero (and I only needed 600 words to make Tuesday’s total)!

I had a chat with

today (yes, she was a suspect you knew this) and after fleshing out some ideas with her and discussing roles, i realised certain things, that made me realise certain things, that made me… well you get the picture!

My sis and niece and nephew come in an hour!


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