Attention Music Lovers!

It’s that time again, it’s where I get all excited about the year’s tunes, it’s where half my list gets ditched by the wayside due to not reaching the magic 7 or above number, it’s where the aforementioned 7 and above get their chance to be hailed as my album of the year – 2007 this time around!

The first thing I took note of was the shocks of 2007 and there were several artists that I had positive feelings about way back in January.

Crowded House were the first to shock. I know they’re pretty mainstream (one of my most mainstream listens) but they should have left well alone. 4.2 does not equal a return to form.

Ed Harcourt released an album he should be ashamed of. I called this guy ‘Tom Waits’ little brother’ a few years ago, being so impressed with him – no longer! 4.3

Devandra Banhart was another that disappointed, also getting the 4.3 grade.

I was dubious about a Beastie Boys instrumental to be honest, even though it’s been done before, and no, I don’t like this one. 4.4

Björk was another that released her worst album so far and this changes my old routine of making sure I have the entire album collection of an artist I admire. Admire her I do but there is no way I’m buying her 4.5 rated album.

Tori Amos released easily her worst ever album, garnering a massive 5 on the Deniz scale.

Interpol’s was one that I returned to after reading

‘s glowing report of. I liked it more but can not give it any more listens. It had its chance and it got 6.2.

PJ Harvey almost made it with 6.8 but cutting the mustard was not the order of the day as far as she was concerned.

And how are the stats?

176 albums were listened to, with an average score of 5.9 (thanks for that little extra, Excel!)

107 received 6.9 or below and will join the vaults of previous years.

39 made the 7 – 7.9 cut and are the project for the next week or so.

21 made the 8 – 8.9 cut and will be listened to directly after the 7’s have been sorted.

9 made the 9 – 9.9 cut and will fight for the number one spot right up until 31st December (which is when the decision was made in 2005).

This year is as exciting as 2005 and it’s going to be a fun month!

Stay tuned!

[Edit: Forgot to tell you that this year the wooden spoon goes to Deerhoof and their monstrosity Friend Opportunity – man that is one awful album (Kate Nash was one place above it)! I gave it a whopping 2!


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