It’s over

It’s the first of December and as such, NaNoWriMo is officially over.

Huge congrats to:









Who managed the 50,000 in a month (some of them doing crazy things like 60,000, 70,000 and even 90,000)!

(I hope I didn’t miss any of my flist who completed it but if I did apologies and well done!)

I started off well, knowing that my sister and family were coming for ten days and knowing that and other life events would need me to be really focused.

I had/have a good idea and everything pointed to a good start with a easy weekend directly after the start, great characters who wanted to write themselves, a plot that was just waiting to be written, etc.

Then the visit and the inevitable break followed by a couple of days of lethargy before picking up again.

The pick up was short lived though, as the second the action scenes/major plot bridges were written, words stopped flowing, a personal crisis hit and the words just stopped, they didn’t slow down, they stopped.

It was then the knowledge that I was going to make it came in yet rather than resign myself to it I pushed for more, knowing that whatever I got done now, in November, could only be good for later on, for when I was prepared to work through the novel and see where to go with it.

I’m happy with the month overall. I think I had a chance of doing it but the fact that I made 20,000 rather than the 50,000 doesn’t depress me to much. I made other decisions this month and I think all of them were right. I did better than last year, when I quit after only five days and next year will be the 50,000, as I have some motivation with attending the World Fantasy Con in Calgary just before it.

I’ve got some sort of book here, now I have just have to get going and work on it while everything is still fresh.

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