Film query

It seems all I can do at the moment is watch films, being as the wife’s culture is keeping us apart during the grieving time and I haven’t got the energy (or desire) to do much else – writing is not coming and being productive with anything just falls flat.

Just watched Zodiac and Frostbiten tonight, and wrote mini-reviews for them on Facebook (if you’re on and we’re not friends then add me and I’ll add you back forthwith).

Zodiac was a very interesting film to watch, considering my current situation and I thought it was very well done and a worthy film.

Frostbiten is a really awful Swedish vampire flick and I’m now feeling bad that I bought it a friend for Christmas…

What I want from you my beloved flist is stuff I should be watching. I’m curious as to what great films you’ve seen recently as I fear I will exhaust my to-see list soon…

They can be from years ago or a recent DVD release, just as long as they’re good ones!

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