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Promo time

Just read a post promoting

new webstrip and had a lookie over:

Just a Tool

It’s tres funny and you should have a look yerself!

Shiny gets ready for issues 4-6!

I’ve just subscribed for copies 4-6 of Shiny.

Have you?

If so good on yer and if not why are you still reading this and not out there getting your order finalised?

Is it just me or…

Has anyone suffered the same with Mr. R. R. Martin?

I read his first three books in the Song of Ice and Fire series in 2006 and loved them, having all three in my top five books of that year, with A Storm of Swords at number one.

I eventually got around to starting book four: A Feast for Crows, a couple of weeks ago and I am bored stupid. Unfortunately some of this is due to memory loss when certain characters are mentioned but I think a great deal is to do with him shifting the focus of characters to those I am not too interested in. It seems that book four is a real in between kind of book, creating a bridge between three and five.

I am so struggling to get through it and more than once have closed the book mid-chapter, something I very rarely do.

Anyone else having/had this problem with book four or is it indeed just me?

“For an ugly boy you sure look pretty”

First day of work saw me starting three minutes late… *slaps hands* and getting all the submissions read for both In Bad Dreams – Volume Two and Voices and catching up on some e-mails.

There’s some great writers out there with some great stories!

As I said to

today, we are looking like we might be rejecting stories we have given a yes vote to, just due to the fact that we will have more yes stories than we have room for. It’s scary but at the same time indicative of where I said we were going when I prepared myself for a trilogy of anthologies. I had no clear idea of what I wanted the third volume to be but had a sneaky feeling that volume two was going to be the hit.

With what we have received so far, I can so see that coming to pass, especially as up to press we have only received one story from one of the In Bad Dreams – Volume One writers (several of them promising submissions for this one).

There is over a month remaining and many more submissions to come. It’s an exciting time!

Happier Times

Andreas and Kristina’s Wedding – 25th August 2007

Front row (left to right): Fuat, Fuat’s father, Etina (Fuat’s little sister), Kristina, Andreas (Fuat’s little brother), Fuat’s mother, Rúna (Fuat’s widow), Emilia (Fuat’s daughter).

Back row (left to right): Jonatan (Fuat’s stepson), Vivianne (Fuat’s little sister), Jakob (Fuat’s stepson), Maddoc (Fuat’s nephew), Moi, Berolin (Fuat’s little sister), Ninos (Berolin’s husband).

In the Cold Cold Ground

The ceremony was beautiful, a really nice mix of Assyrian, Swedish and even English (which came as a shock) and a long day of pain and tears finished with a 40 day memorial (Assyrian tradition) and we were home in Norrköping for 22:30.

The highlight, emotionally, of the day was Fuat’s father’s playing of his Assyrian flute for his son. He couldn’t finish the tune he was playing but while he was there was a resonance and energy in the church like nothing I have ever felt before.

There were seats for 600 people in the church and it was full by 11:30 (service at 12:00) There were two hundred outside and, if it had not been for the fact that it was a weekday, that the family members of the murderer didn’t attend and if there had not been miscommunication in many people thinking they weren’t welcome, then the number could have approached 2,000.

3,000,000 people around the world watched the funeral live on satellite TV. Amazing, a truly amazing event.

Maddoc didn’t come, as his auntie made the decision to stay in Norrköping with him and her daughter Heather – they had lots of fun watching films, playing, shopping, having a bath, etc.

There is a fund that will be starting up – set up by the Assyrian organisations in Sweden to help Assyrians studying further education – primarily in Fuat’s areas of expertise: Sociology, democracy, multi-culturalism and anything to do with the subject of the Assyrian people’s history.

The bank giro number for this in Sweden is: 241-8770

Outside Sweden the process is as such:

Bank – Swedbank
IBAN – SE53 8000 0832 7990 44103035

The Assyrian priest at the end of the day said the most simple, poetic sentence of the day:

Sleep well teacher (using an Assyrian word of great respect for teacher – malfono)

Waves of despair

It fucking hits now, the moment I almost fell down the stairs in the shopping centre this morning made me realise that I’m in the middle of another phase.

There is a dizziness to my gait, my hands tremble as I write and I have a sick feeling, a churning in my stomach.

Tomorrow we say farewell to my brother, my brother who was murdered by his evil cousin, a cousin who has plagued him throughout his life. His cousin says that he did not mean to kill Fuat.

Bullshit you fuck. You went to his place of work with a knife, with the murderous intentions you have had towards him for nigh on fifteen years now. You knew exactly what you were doing and performed it as successfully as possible, probably the only thing you’ve done the way you wanted in your miserable 42 years on this planet.

You’re a failure, a miserable wretch and I hope you get as long as the law allows for taking away our brother, for making your aunt and uncle so miserable – for depriving Rúna her husband and Emilia her father.

You fuck!

Update on murder/murderer

I’m sorry I haven’t beenable to give you all more information but this has been for several reasons that I won’t go into now.

To answer a question several people have been curious about, the murderer is Fuat and Etina’s cousin. He is the son of Fuat’s father’s brother.

More English News

Today he admitted to stabbing Fuat and the police believe the motive is an old feud between them. I have never met this cousin and only today saw a photo of him for the first time in my life. I was filled with anger, grief, confusion, and just can’t believe what has happened to this family I married into, what they have had to suffer in just over a month.

Twice I have heard this quote, from two family members and it sums it all up perfectly:

“My heart burns”

We knew it… we just didn’t want to admit it to ourselves…

This article talks about the fact that the murderer knew Fuat:

English News

However, one of the Swedish updates has confirmed our worst fears and that is that the murderer is actually one of Fuat’s relatives.

I’m numb, frankly numb.

Murderer caught?

Gothenburg police, have today, arrested a suspect who they believe could have murdered my brother-in-law Fuat Deniz.

We may be closer to knowing who and why soon…