Time for games

Belated Birthday wishes to


– hope you both had good ones!

I don’t play games on the PC much, I just seem to have phases when I get really into a particular game, play it to death and then have a few months break.

Now is one of those times and I’m wondering if any of you game lovers have any recommendations for me? I shall provide a list of games below that I have really enjoyed over the last few years and then you’ll have an idea of what I’m into.

I mentioned to a friend that I was really interested in the new rpg game, Assassin’s Creed and he chuckled a little and then pointed disapprovingly at my new desktop. It’s not a gaming machine and can’t really handle top-end graphics.

Sid Meier’s Pirates – it’s simple but lots and lots of fun!
FIFA series – this is pretty much the only footie game I play and so not really looking for another.
Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights – gave me a bit of the old gaming buzz!
Armies of Exigo – apparently a rip-off of Warcraft. I really enjoyed this at the beginning but then it got too hard…
Risk II – a old classic
Lego Star Wars – both editions rock!

Any suggestions are most welcome!


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