Giving that Live Writer thingy a try

Welcome to murnkay  (I have been popping in and out of your LJ for a while now and it’s nice that we eventually decided to share the lurve… ahem)!

Am playing around with Live Writer for this post, as recommended by Mr. Download himself (and Radiohead convert)mylefteye. I’m not sold on it yet, as for me it doesn’t seem to be doing anything different from LJ in rich text (apart from not letting me do the LJ user name thang).

Anyway I’m actually doing some writing at the mo after nice people have extended deadlines for submissions, given much inspiration or come up with such a great theme that I will kick myself (very hard) if I don’t write a story based on it.

I had a scary moment today with the computer and my eyes. I have always prided myself on my wonderful eyesight but today, working on some promo for the company, I thought our website’s quality was a bit iffy. It was only when I looked over to our shelf to get a folder off that I noticed that all the text on the folder spines was blurry.

Must make sure I take regular breaks from the computer and engage my eyes elsewhere from time to time…

Right, let’s see if this Live Writer gizmo looks any good…

(Edit: was forced to edit with rich text so… )

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