Birthdays and Music

Happy Birthday to


, I hope you both have a lovely day!

Only today found out that Front Line Assembly released an album two years ago. Artificial Soldier is the name and it’s rather spiff! For fans of the band I heartily recommend it, for those that aren’t well… I don’t know what to say…

Sophia have been getting a few listens to since finding out about them. Nowhere near the power of The God Machine but hey, was that ever likely?

I has news over at gilgamesh_press and should have some over at morrigan_books too soon. Things are looking good for those companies and that is really needed at this moment in time with all the shit that is going on.

Watched Polanski’s Oliver Twist over the weekend and enjoyed it. Etina said it was extremely boring and I had to contend with much sighing throughout. I was expecting the usual Dickensesque style though and it sat well with me, in terms of performances, pace and look. Polanski really knows how to transform a book onto film and Oliver Twist was a rather elegant production.

Two things that bugged the hell out of me were the score, which felt like it was written for another film, due to the fact it never seemed to fit its respective scene and the credits. Who sat down at the end of the film and thought ‘yellow text on a grey blurry background would just be the biz here’?

A coup-de-grace for me was getting so many young actors to play excellent roles as we all know kids can’t act, well most of them anyway. Oliver was excellent, as were most of the others.

I’d recommend it anyway, whether the wife does or no. Don’t be looking out for the uzi and the big car chase though…

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