The Touch of Evil

The snow increases in intensity and looking out of the window I wonder if the abrupt weather change is in direct response to the weekend’s events.

Friday was when the legal proceedings against Etina’s cousin Iskender (I can now name names) for the murder of Fuat began and where all the documents related to the case became public.

1,100 pages of interviews, evidence, and all manner of documents are all now available and if we thought we were living in hell before this was released then we now know how wrong we were.

That Iskender is evil has never really been in question, the motives for his murder as ridiculous as he himself: because his father preferred Fuat to him (no suprises as to why) because he has no life and is a nobody whilst Fuat is successful and popular. All the motives we believed but now, with an added twist.

Although Iskender has claimed that Fuat locked him in glass jar for 22 years and now that the lid has been removed he can breathe once more, he has also claimed that his hate for Fuat is not the only evil within his bones. He has claimed (in the police interviews) that his hate for Fuat’s father is as strong, if not stronger (one of the main reasons being that when Iskender first moved to Sweden, Fuat’s father mentioned that it wasn’t appropriate that he walked around in just his boxer shorts whilst his female cousins (young girls) visited).

He sliced Fuat’s throat open with a 20cm long cut and if that wasn’t bad enough he did it from behind like the coward he is.

Friday we first heard news from the press and then read from the document itself. Sunday we were able to get more information and I myself have read several interviews from family members.

They say that blood is thicker than water and to some extent I can agree with that but to the extent that the brothers and sisters have lied to the police and said that they didn’t know much about the problems between Fuat and Iskender still sickens me.

What sickens me more is that the brothers and sisters met at one of the businesses they own in Örebro to have a telephone conference with their brother Iskender in November last year and that in that phone call he stated that he was going to kill Fuat. Not one, NOT ONE FUCKING FAMILY MEMBER thought it might be an idea to mention that to someone, NOT ONE!

Iskender states he didn’t mean to kill Fuat when he sliced him open 20cm, resulting in Fuat needed 16 litres of blood in transfusion. It’s an interesting theory this, considering that Iskender was in Örebro as early as Friday 7th December to kill his cousin. He stayed with his Swedish girlfriend in Örebro (he has one in Örebro and one in Gothenburg, where he lives. This is someone who thinks Fuat let down the Assyrians by marrying a non-Assyrian) and told her that he was there to kill Fuat. He came back disappointed on Friday, as Fuat was home with his daughter, who was ill. He then went Monday and came back disappointed because Fuat was in another city at a conference.

Tuesday 11th December Fuat was a work and Tuesday 11th December his cousin Iskender sliced his throat open from behind and then ran from the scene, cycled back to his girlfriend and cooked her a nice meal, and, according to her, seemed in high spirits.

One can only ask why she didn’t alert anybody to the fact that Iskender had travelled up to Örebro to kill his own cousin. Apparently she didn’t believe him…

There were several people that could have halted this terrible event but loyalty seems to have stopped them. It didn’t stop them coming to my mother and father-in-law’s house on Christmas Day to extend their sorrow, even knowing it was their brother that had done this and they had done nothing to hinder it.

For those that were at the house on Christmas Day, who are reading this, FUCK YOU and may you rot for the crimes you have also committed.

To know that this could have been stopped by one tiny phone call from one of several of his nearest and dearest is possibly the biggest tragedy here.

Not only do we have to deal with all this however but it has even been suggested that it is Fuat’s fault he is dead too. Why, because he knew Iskender hated him and should have done more to prevent it.

Another message I have is to journalist Shamiram Demir, so called friend of the family, who wrote a report looking at this from the perspective of Iskender and claimed it has all been hard on him and his family. What on earth were you thinking of? What do you mean, it’s my job? There are other reporters who have respected our wishes in this matter and have not even begun to think of doing such an article.

I hope it helps to further your career and I hope you realise the family’s opinion of the media has not in any way been improved by your actions.

I shake with anger, I sob with grief, I feel the pain. For those in the other camp in this tragedy, you are entitled to your opinions and your beliefs, however, don’t think I in any way am interested in your lies and deceptions – the bridge is burnt, there is no going back.

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