Birthday and updates

Happy Birthday to one of the sexiest LJ’ers around:

! Have a great day gorgeous!

Well it was a busy weekend as Maddoc and I went over to my good friend

 on Friday for some quality time and a break from the flat and to let Etina come home from the trial and just be, not have to think about either of us.

Maddoc had fun with

‘s two daughters before they all went to bed and we sat down to watch Beowulf.

Beowulf = WTF for me. I really didn’t get the reason for trying to make a film look like a computer game when the computer game industry is spending so much money to make their games look like films… I thought it was badly done and the animation put me off greatly.

We then had a leisurely breakfast before I got the boy home so he could go to the theatre with his mum. He had lots of fun and I got on with some editing.

I watched half of Stardust before realising how late it was and we went to bed.

Sunday morning Maddoc and Etina went off to her parents and left me alone for the whole day. It was needed as all my free time has gone to looking after Maddoc and the flat over recent weeks and I really needed this.

I finished off Stardust, which was a jolly enjoyable film, and, is it me, or is that Pfeiffer woman getting sexier the older she gets?

I then talked shop with

before getting myself some lunch and sitting down for Sweeney Todd. I am a staunch hater of musicals but thoroughly enjoyed this, feeling like Burton is back to his best after the woeful Planet of the Apes and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

A bit of writing came next with me working on a story for that there Ghosts in the Machine anthology. Fried brains here we come!

Then it was more work, as I copy-edited the final 13 chapters of The Even, and now await

‘s responses before getting on to the delicate stylistic edit. I can’t see any reason for this not being ready for Fantasycon!

Had planned to watch The Orphanage too but was too tired to stay up and instead finished Seacastle[1] by Tansy Rayner Roberts (aka

) which, although being a children’s book, was very enjoyable and I think I might be buying a copy as a gift for my niece’s birthday in June.

I also received Crazy Little Things in the post by Adam P. Knave (aka

) and I’m very much looking forward to that. For small press it’s incredibly well put together (not that small press generally isn’t but you know what I am a meaning here).

All in all a good weekend!


[1] I won the first three of The Lost Shimmaron books as a prize to celebrate the 500th review from ASif!

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