Why oh why do you use those userpics?

picked out five of my icons and asked me to explain a little about them (after I said she could if she felt like it). The meme says you can ask me to pick out 5 of your icons to pass it onto you. Ask in comments if you’re interested.

For now, here are the icons selected by the oirish one:


This one is in there for several reasons: it’s sentimental as it’s me sat in the cinema, in Burnley, after seeing Star Wars III, it’s sentimental because I’m sat next to my mum (I took her as she took me to Star Wars IV, when I was six and I felt like returning the favour), I felt all cool cause I was wearing a Swedish film t-shirt in Northern England (yes of course those around me were impressed) and I have a rather smug look on my face.

The keyword for this is ‘smug’ and that’s when I tend to use it.

This appeared after someone mistook the gorgeous boy within for my firstborn, Maddoc. As if I’d dress him in that jumper! I liked the confusion but what I love about this is I really look like I’m enjoying myself. I call it ‘happy young mark’ and the full shot shows my god-awful pants and my grandfather picking theball out of the net… again. I think I won 28-2 that day.

Saw it on

‘ journal and had to have it straight away. It’s the ultimate squee icon and lets me discreetly throw a bit of my own femininity on the ole LJ (what do you mean everyone knew already?). There’s only so excited you can get and this means something is really, really good! And I like cream cakes too (no, Mark, there’s no entendre there… )

The second I saw this I made it an icon! This is my niece Heather in one of her truly Heather poses. My sister named it hot chocolate when she sent it to me. I renamed it ‘duh’ straight away as it is what I can see coming out of her mouth every time I look at it. I miss my niece and nephew a lot and I like having them as icons to pop into LJ now and again.

Why tis the Black Box me wee goirl, my next published bit of grimness will be in this wonderful CD, available for pre-order now (by clicking on the link). I have a flash piece in this, along with some pretty big names and I’m very much looking forward to getting my copy. Not only fiction but there’s artwork and music and everyfink to set your nerves a jangling!

I added this as a bit of promo but think it looks good as a regular one and I thinks I may keep it!

(I enjoyed that, it was nice to relive why I picked some of these!)


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