2007 – a year of extreme pain and of great music

I’ve been sitting on this post for a little while as I’ve swayed backwards and forwards as to whether I was going to do this CD.

A couple of days ago I received a package from one of my friends and it contained 7 CDs. These CDs were the best ofs from the people at the party that I should have been attending with my CD[1]. This made me think again about the CD I had been working on all year…

I decided not to do a physical CD this year (time and money don’t allow) but make it an available download for my flist.

2007 – The Year That Was

It’s a very good one and it feels a shame to keep it to myself. Fuat was very keen on my yearly best and always made comments about it and generally asked for the full album from at least one artist on it.

I am very upset that he never got a chance to listen to this one, as we had talked about the CD a couple of months before it was finalised and he was very curious to see what was going to be on it. He was actually one of the critics of my 2006 CD, believing, as several had (including myself), that I had gone astray a little from the concept that had made the earlier versions so great and so listenable.

One thing that I thought of when uploading these files for your listening pleasure is that it’s a perfect CD for you, as if there’s anything you really don’t like within then you can just burn your CD without that particular track on it… not that you would of course as they’re all fantastic!

So download and enjoy!

[1] One thing of note was that the party was entirely composed of guys – what’s going on here? We need the female view on this too – we need


along this year (you two up for a party in Sweden?)


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