If there was ever a time you wanted to treat me nicely…

… then make it now.

It’s been one hell of a weekend, a couple of people showing their absolute lack of respect for me and what is going on in my life. I can’t talk about this as this has been something that has been forbidden by family and due to legal reasons. However, there is something coming up soon that may mean I can unleash my anger and bitterness right here in this old Live Journal.

For now you will just have to content yourselves that this has been a real trial of a few months and the sooner I see the back of 2008 the better (well maybe get me to September as that’s Fantasycon and I’m only a month away from baby too/two).

Added to that I got my own knife in the back from someone else I trusted and I was thinking, can this get any bloody worse.

No it couldn’t, not for the weekend as in stepped


and offered words of support and pep talks that would put Jerry Maguire to shame.

Amanda, you have been an absolute rock in this dark times and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without you, so much support, so much help with the website and work on Voices (which draws to a close soon) and adding a touch of that humour of yours that I love so much… thank you thank you, thank you!

Why did nobody tell me BSG had started? I was shaking with nervousness when I had realised I had missed the first two episodes and did all I could to get hold of them. I watched the last episode of Season Three to get a recap and then I sat down to watch the first two episodes. And yes, they are still on track and yes things are hotting up and yes my favourite character is still my fave (Six if anyone was wondering).

Watching this put me behind with Doctor Who but after the travesty that was the first of the new season there was no great desire to see the next. Hopefully Russell T. Davies hasn’t written it though and it might be at least watchable.

Oh, The Kingdom is rather a good film too, if you’re into that kind of thing. Well paced and some good acting, apart from Jennifer Garner who stinks. I thought it did well in not focusing on the US as saviours as much as I thought it might.

I’m still a little fragile after the weekend but feel hopeful that I can share stuff with you soon, I am just awaiting a nod in the right direction.

Thanks guys!


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