The Stars of Speculative Fiction #9: Simon Guerrier

Today I get to have a relaxed chat with my old university chum, Simon Guerrier, former cheese stall owner (down Camden way) and expert rat catcher.

Simon was beaten up in Northern England upon his arrival for being a Southern ponce and gained the nickname ‘wanker man’ from two rather strange girls in our university group (my name was ‘terrorist man’) but he’s put all that behind himnow and has just finished his three year run on London’s musical circuit in the crowd-puller ‘Sweeney Todd’ (he played one of the pies).

Anyway, I give you Mr. Simon Guerrier!

SoSF – Simon Guerrier

Next week we have the queen of Fiji and winner of the ‘most baked lemon cheesecakes in 12 years’ competition: Kaaron Warren!

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