It’s time, I haven’t done this for a while…

I remember that well over a year ago I tipped some on my flist to check out others on my flist that they may not have read before and who I think they might have something in common with.

It’s like having a party and people getting on with each other just as you knew they would…

Okay part one is off the top of my head, as I’m tired now and just off to watch something. I will think more and add to this soon.

Stave the first:

you really need to be speaking to

– you two are so alike it’s scary and you freak me out with the things you keep telling me that sound like you’ve had a chat with each other before me (maybe you have…) One is my multi-talented author at Morrigan and the other my multi-talented editor at Morrigan, how can it go wrong?


need to have a chat, as you two always have very honest and blunt posts and you’re both very good at bringing me down to earth too!


, both up and coming writers. I’ve just seen

‘s writing and was much impressed from one so young!

is such a supporter of writers on LJ and anyone writing wants to be checking her LJ out and of course her new community soon!


both writers of rather decent spec fic and who I am sure know each other anyway – don’t you?

(welcome to my LJ Nyssa) and

who have both been having a chat on their LJs about the trials and tribulations of writing.



– rather talented photographers and jolly nice people to boot (not that the others aren’t – oops here goes) Oh and

loves Finland and

is Finnish, amazing eh!


– you’re both so lovely and brutal and I have crushes on you both! (oops did I say that out loud?)


– for you’ll be working together soon *winks* and I have a crush on you two too…


– you’re both very funny, you are, no honest I mean it!

Right my eyes hurt, time to go, I will return…


About Mark S. Deniz

English teacher, writer, editor, publisher, reviewer and blogger. Founder of publishing company, Morrigan Books and imprint, Gilgamesh Press and editor-in-chief for review site, Beyond Fiction. Also cycles, plays floorball, listens to lots and lots of music, reads a ton of books and tries to fit in some TV, film and writing too. View all posts by Mark S. Deniz

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