Help is very much needed

With a computer problem that has been bothering me for a couple of months. I have asked a couple of people much more knowledgeable than myself and they have not been able to sort it either…

The situation is this, I have a few e-mail addresses on Thunderbird and everything works like a charm. I have folders that I have created while on Thunderbird and then if I go into the e-mail account, they are there, just the same just as they are on Thunderbird.

Yahoo, however, works very differently. I can check my mail everyday without a problem. The Thunderbird mail client sends me everything I have in the Yahoo inbox and I can work effectively.

Where it fails is when it comes to folders and admin. I create a folder on my Yahoo and it doesn’t create it on Thunderbird and vice versa. If I move stuff to the folder on Thunderbird, it actually disappears from the inbox on Yahoo.

If I move e-mails from one account on Thunderbird to the Yahoo one, they don’t turn up in the Yahoo one but disappear from the source one (meaning I’ve lost it completely).

Is there any way to synchronise Yahoo and Thunderbird together better? I’ve tried lots of different sites and searches but all seem to be mainly how to set up Yahoo on Thunderbird, and I have that and it works. I just need the folders now.

Any ideas?



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