Here’s where it gets nasty indoors

Last time I posted about the court case, the sentence had been passed and the murderer was given five years for killing Fuat.

Against the request of the family, our lawyer went out in the media and said that we wanted him to get life. The reaction was swift and now the murderer claims he didn’t murder Fuat and that everything he has admitted to has been due to pressure from a police department, pressured for results.

He has requested a new defence lawyer and has asked for Sweden’s best (as he has already dismissed his current one).

Etina is beside herself tonight and already fears the worst. A brief discussion between us ended sorely as I was accused of being naive and I was told to shut up as I know nothing about Swedish law.

Lots of deep breathing from me. I know she is hurting and I know this is the worst time. This is why I am taking a step back and staying quiet. If that’s what she needs it’s the least I can give.

It’s getting tough though, I know it’s a time question, I know this is so so extreme, I know…

(What do I know?)


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