New community in the house (and I should know)

It’s Friday and that means it is time for me to announce a special new community for writers that goes by the name of:

It is the brainchild of

, someone very active within speculative fiction, and a great promoter of others and their work! It’s official opening is next Thursday, 26th June but you can go along already and get a comfy seat.

There’ll be everything from writing tips, to how one goes about editing and publishing and critiques and far too many other juicy morsels to mention now

Important information to be aware of is that I am one of the mods of the group and as it appears I’ve made myself several enemies at the mo, I thought I would warn those of youwishing to avoid seeing my ubiquitous ugly mug away from joining, as there’ll be quite an input from yours truly.

For those that haven’t gotten sick of me yet (you strange people!) then I heartily urge you to join as that woman

is an inspiration and I see big things for this community!

There’ll also be a Facebook group dedicated to the site, so watch out for that too (this will be maintained by myself).

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