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Back, in some way

Got back late last night, shattered of course (after another long drive) and collapsed into bed.

Today has been a case of getting everything done in terms of having a workable household again, meaning no time on the beloved computer.

Not even now, this late, can I relax, as I have to wait for Etina to come from a meeting before we return the car to her parents.

I’ll be here and about over the next few days, yet not in any meaningful sense, as I’m sharing Etina and Maddoc’s last two days from job and nursery with them.

Speak to you soon!

There and away again…

Last minute trip has resulted in the family Deniz arriving in Östersund (middle of Sweden) just over twelve hours after setting off (ten hour drive). I am now being ordered to bed by the wife, as she claims I have bloodshot eyes… pah!

There will be internet connection, how much, I don’t know but normal service will be resumed next Wednesday.

Take care, all of you.

New ezine for Morrigan Books and new face at the helm!

I would like to draw your attention today to some very special news, of interest to at least a few of you in here. After discussions with our very own xjenavivex, I can now now announce that Morrigan Books will be taking another step in its quest to ensure that all is dark once more by setting up its very own ezine, The Morrigan.

There is much discussion still but I can at least inform you that xjenavivex, has agreed to come on board as editor-in-chief of the zine. I am of course extremely happy about this and am very much looking forward to seeing what she does with our new baby!

Celebratory Antics #3


thought of it first and he’s funnier than me and it looks like a lotta fun)

Rosencrantz: Do you want to play questions?
Guildenstern: How do you play that?
Rosencrantz: You have to ask a question.
Guildenstern: Statement. One – Love.
Rosencrantz: Cheating.
Guildenstern: How?
Rosencrantz: I haven’t started yet.
Guildenstern: Statement. Two – Love.
Rosencrantz: Are you counting that?
Guildenstern: What?
Rosencrantz: Are you counting that?
Guildenstern: Foul. No repetition. Three – Love and game.
Rosencrantz: I’m not going to play if you’re going to be like that.

And thus I invite you all to a game of questions. In the comments section. Ongoing until we all get bored.

Would you like to play?

Questions for moi – second batch

Before I go to bed – I is shattered!

1. What was the strangest thing culture-wise you met in Sweden vs England?

Spontaneity – the fact that the Swedes (most Swedes) have no concept of it. Here is an example:

English person #1: You in tonight, around 7, I was thinking of popping by for a brew?

English person #2: Cool, see you then!

Swedish person #1: You in week 43, thought we might have a coffee? (said in Swedish of course and week 43 is five weeks away)…

2. Would you read terry with me, if I asked very nicely?

I have to admit to not having a clue what you are asking here (Terry Goodkind?)

Oh, wait… you mean Pratchett don’t you? *hides*

3. When are we to meet up?

Well I hope this year, as you are much nearer now!

4. What is the one song you usually listen to when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up?

Bizarrely enough, Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by Górecki. It makes me bawl my eyes out and then I feel worse for a bit then better. I subscribe to the great John Keats in these matters.

5. Pickles or Cucumbers?

Either/Or although these Swedish pickles are right up my street!

6. Pepperoni or sausage pizza? Oh right. no meat.

*grins* I would have had pepperoni in years gone by.

7. UK or Sweden?

UK without a shadow of a doubt. Everyone is leaving but I would move back in a heartbeat. I don’t much like Sweden to be honest.

8. What is early morning for you?

A few years ago it would have been around 09:00, now it’s around 05:00 (don’t have kids, it’s not worth it) *hopes Maddoc isn’t reading this soon*

Celebratory Antics #2

You didn’t think I’d let you go today without dropping some music on your doorstep did you?

I’ve been on LJ just over three years now and decided to celebrate that and the 200 with a bumper feast of tunes for you all!

2005 – 2008 Music Mayhem

contains 20 tunes selected from the years I’ve been here (5 from each year) and is just a top mix of stuff that has rocked my socks in that time.

I’ve tried to go for some of my more obscure material but have also thrown in a couple of well known but massive artists too.

Have fun!

Trying to work out where I start

I keep mentioning that this trial is bigger than has been so far mentioned and I haven’t been able to say why. Some of this has been due to media interest and some due to family wishes.

Today was verdict day for the appeals court and I feel like I can say more of what has been going on here, what is going on.

Fuat was stabbed in the neck by his own cousin Iskender, 11th December 2007 and he died from his wounds early morning 12th December.

The murder was the worst. That was until we found out it was his own cousin. That was until we found out he had only gotten ten years. That was until he appealed against it.

He went from confession to complete denial and his reward? Exactly the same sentence. Although he was lucky, for three people judged ten years and two judged life. It may well go to the high court.

But here it is, the clincher of the whole deal and that is Rúna, Fuat’s widow is going to be taken to court by… well us of course. You may well ask why and I will tell you why. She is being taken to court for slander, for claiming that we appealed against the decision because we want revenge, whilst she has forgiven the murderer.

She has called the Deniz family into question and we are citing racism in her lawyer’s closing arguments at the trial.

You may think this is merely a woman in grief but I can speak out and say that we, the Denizes, have had problems with her for several years now due to her manipulative nature and her desire to see the worst in absolutely everything and everyone.

She has problematic relationships with her whole family, she has next to no friends, she has been in court for making a decision that cost a child its life and she has extremely complicated relationships with her two sons from a previous marriage.

Her and Fuat said barely a word to each other in the six months before he was killed (he suggested divorce) and now she has come after the Denizes and the Assyrian culture. She has stated that I, myself, hate the culture and am trying all I can to get away from it.

I try not to hate, try not to hate but when I see what she does to my family…

This is one hell of a year, and it’s not over yet.

This is why I have taken so much work on, there is not much else I can do, except think and think and think…

Questions for moi – first batch

1. Why haven’t you fallen in love with Breaking Benjamin yet?

Well I think it comes down to my feeling that there is so much good music out there that I haven’t got time to listen to and then there is a massive amount of ok stuff that if I leave alone will give me a chance with the great stuff.

2. Have you given My Chemical Romance a go yet?

See answer above.

3. Did you like VAST?

Indeed, I still have only listened to one album but am very impressed so far!

4. 200 friends — so when’s the BBQ?

Ooh erm, I wonder how many sausages I’ll need to order – do you think every one will come along?

5. Do you like nutella or peanut butter? anddo you dream up of ways to use either? :::grins::

I ‘can’ eat nutella, although I’d rather not and peanut butter, well that comes under the category of ‘food created by satan himself’. I can only dream that peanut butter doesn’t exist in a perfect parallel universe.

6. When was the last time you lay down under the coffee table just for the purpose of seeing the room from a different perspective?

I never have but you know what I’m going to do later on…

Celebratory Antics #1

In celebration of amassing the massive number of 200 mutual friends (you gluttons for punishment you) I have decided to have a bit of fun on the ole Live Journal for the next couple of weeks – there will be laughs, there will be tears, there will inevitable punch-ups. I just hope we can all come out of it wiser, brighter people…

Anyway first up, whilst I work on a music bonanza, is a Q&A session. As a lot of people have added me over recent weeks you may want to know a little about me and so I offer myself as question victim.

Let’s go honest and gritty though and let you ask whatever you’d like. I may not answer in full but give it a go.

You can either ask normally, or ask anonymously. If you choose the latter I’ll merely post the question and answer.

Let’s get going then!

And 199 moves to 200!

Welcome arkhamrefugee to the hovel I call home my LJ home from home!

I have now made it up to 200 mutual friends – which is a bit special considering how long I’ve been on here!

To celebrate this (well I did have a party for 100, so I need double the party now) I am going to be having some fun on here and coming up with some funky stuff to amuse my old faithfuls and the new kids on the block.

First is a present for Mr. Arkham himself, which is his choice of one of the four books that Morrigan Books is releasing this year, free of charge, no strings attached. Although if you don’t like it we will feed you to our crocodiles, hidden around the back of the office…

Let the festivities begin and whatever you are here for I hope you enjoy yourself over the next few months as 2008 is all over the bloody place!