Dealing with it

Yesterday was a weird day, the feeling of being disconnected in some way, all day and the inability to concentrate on anything at all.

Many thanks go to starlithenge for agreeing to be my mentor for my poetry, as I had to go through my stuff and find something suitable for her. When I looked I had a lot less than I thought and that’s when the shock hit, that I had several 3.5" disks full of my writing, that were nowhere else!

I spent some of last night and some of this morning transferring them and organising and I see now I am a writer who doesn’t finish my projects, for I have four novels in there (unfinished) and a few drafts of short stories.

The one thing that got me again was November hiding in there. November is a long, long story that some of you know and most of you don’t. To cut the longest story short, it’s my first completed (but not edited) novel that I wrote in 98/99. I then re-wrote it in 2002, trying to tidy up real problems I had with it.

In 2005, I completely re-wrote it again. This time taking the basic idea but making it into a new novel.

I just found my disk with the re-write and looking at the chapter names (the first two didn’t really get it on with chapter names) I want to work on it all over again.

I’m not so sure that the chapter names make me go wow, just that they remind me of what has been sat there for nearly ten years, waiting for me, dare I say, lurking…

The chapter titles (as some may be interested/curious)

  1. Genesis
  2. The Spider
  3. Meg
  4. Omens
  5. Beth
  6. Jack
  7. The End
  8. The Triumvirate
  9. Summer
  10. Josie
  11. Ruth
  12. Rock a Bye Baby (I wondered why the hell I picked this title but then I read the opening and it all came flooding back)
  13. Repercussions
  14. Aftermath
  15. November
  16. Futility
  17. Non-Seer
  18. Revelations

And there you have it.


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