Bits and bobs (no spoilers)

Well hello all you ‘we don’t need you Brits any more, we’re off our own now’, you think it was a wise idea?


I remember reading somewhere that if we pooled the money from all the nations of the world together in one account, the world would all have the same living standards as Portugal have today.

That’s a dream, a dream I would dearly love to happen (and yes my standard of living in Sweden is way way above Portugal).

There’s been a  few little shots fired off in my direction that almost feel like anonymous LJ comments, such is the ‘I’m not going to mention you by name but make sure you know it’s you’ tone. Give it a rest. If you want a fight come out and we’ll get to it. I’m with Solo, I prefer a straight fight to all this hiding around. Now is not the time to be juvenile, that stuff is for kids (hence the term).

I’m listening to and thinking about a lot of music at the moment, due to a project in process. How would you go about putting together 13 songs that said so much about your life?

I watched the first half of the new Andromeda Strain, last night. It was okay but I’m not really rushing in to watch part two. Then again I don’t remember it grabbing me the first time around either…

I totally gave up on Medium after the third season. After being pushed to watch the program (by those in the know), I stuck with the first two seasons and enjoyed them. I have to say on the whole the third season was akin to pulling teeth. If someone really really disliked the third season, is there any argument for watching the fourth?

There’s been lots of raving about Russell T. Davies’ latest Who episodes and while I agree they are some of his better work, I am not a fan of the man and still maintain that Moffat’s two were the best in this series.

Think that’s about that for now…

Any questions?


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