Trying to work out where I start

I keep mentioning that this trial is bigger than has been so far mentioned and I haven’t been able to say why. Some of this has been due to media interest and some due to family wishes.

Today was verdict day for the appeals court and I feel like I can say more of what has been going on here, what is going on.

Fuat was stabbed in the neck by his own cousin Iskender, 11th December 2007 and he died from his wounds early morning 12th December.

The murder was the worst. That was until we found out it was his own cousin. That was until we found out he had only gotten ten years. That was until he appealed against it.

He went from confession to complete denial and his reward? Exactly the same sentence. Although he was lucky, for three people judged ten years and two judged life. It may well go to the high court.

But here it is, the clincher of the whole deal and that is Rúna, Fuat’s widow is going to be taken to court by… well us of course. You may well ask why and I will tell you why. She is being taken to court for slander, for claiming that we appealed against the decision because we want revenge, whilst she has forgiven the murderer.

She has called the Deniz family into question and we are citing racism in her lawyer’s closing arguments at the trial.

You may think this is merely a woman in grief but I can speak out and say that we, the Denizes, have had problems with her for several years now due to her manipulative nature and her desire to see the worst in absolutely everything and everyone.

She has problematic relationships with her whole family, she has next to no friends, she has been in court for making a decision that cost a child its life and she has extremely complicated relationships with her two sons from a previous marriage.

Her and Fuat said barely a word to each other in the six months before he was killed (he suggested divorce) and now she has come after the Denizes and the Assyrian culture. She has stated that I, myself, hate the culture and am trying all I can to get away from it.

I try not to hate, try not to hate but when I see what she does to my family…

This is one hell of a year, and it’s not over yet.

This is why I have taken so much work on, there is not much else I can do, except think and think and think…

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