The imperialist in me

Was having a little ponder today, after finding out that I’ve lost two kilos this week, bringing me ever nearer to my goal of 81 kilos (I’m 88 just now), about the crazy imperial weighing system.

I mean, I can tell people here (and in most of Europe) that I’m 88 kilos and my goal is 81 kilos. However, when I tell my friends in the US and Britain, they look at me a little dazed and say ‘okay, cool’ having no idea if I’m overweight, underweight or just downright perfect.

Well 88 kilos is 194lbs for you in the US, but that’s not enough for you in Britain is it, so then I have to covert those pounds (lbs) into stones.

And then 194lbs becomes 13 stone 9 lbs (ish)

Meaning my goal is: 12 stone 8 lbs or 179 lbs. So now you know.

Easy, yes? I have to say I subscribe to the metric system here as life is so much easier (for one who hates maths) where everything is divisible by ten.

For where is the logic in 16 ounces = 1lb and 14lbs = 1 stone?

Yet, for all my love of the metric I would still rather have pints than litres. I mean a pint sits better in your hand doesn’t it. I even think they taste better. I do.

In other news, in the world of the firstborn, our Maddoc took one of his first steps towards knowing as much as his father this week, when, in a chat with his dad, his response to a task was ‘Daddy kan, Maddoc kan’ (not a word I need to translate really).

My first thought was the cheeky little mite but then I had to laugh.

He’s probably right after all.


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