Bike Tour #10 = Konungsund By (‘By’ meaning village)

Map image

A serious Jekyll and Hyde run this one, as I decided to go a little further afield, trusting that there were no accidents on the horizon.

The first half was the cycle to Konungsund village, a decent run of 15km. This would take me the furthest I’ve been since the repairs and would be one hell of a walk home if anything happened out there.

Getting there was a breeze, with a strong wind behind me and my first race for a while.

The race was a case of me being behind someone on a normal street bike (about 500 metres in front) and me giving myself the challenge of catching him before overtaking him.

However, what followed was a little more interesting than I had first thought.

As I got very close to him, I noticed he wasn’t on a street bike, on his way home from work but was kitted out in cycling gear and was on a hybrid rather than a street bike. As I approached he suddenly turned to see me and then set off at breakneck speed away from me.

I chuckled to myself and set off after him, knowing that my racer is ever the more capable bike and wondered how long it would be before I caught him (in terms of seconds).

But no, he was not having it and kept a good 20 metres between us, making sure to turn and check that I was far enough behind every now and again.

This carried on for about fifteen minutes and then the situation changed as I could tell he was tiring. On the straights and downhill we were pretty much pace for pace and would stay that way for a while if it wasn’t for the uphills.

The uphill section was where I was inspired and put my all into catching him, gaining on him at every hill.

Within twenty minutes I was right behind him and pedalling for my life (which isn’t very fast) and he had one look around, saw the distance between us, pulled off and sat down on the floor, suitably flushed.

As I got the village, I realised my average speed was 27km/h and put me well in line for the best time of the year.

But then I did turn around and man had it all changed, the sun was setting but being helped by huge dark clouds and before I had cycled five minutes towards home the heavens opened and I was drenched.

Drenched and facing a wind that was buffeting me this way and that and twice I really thought I was going to come off. A spell of 14km/h really slowed me down (and my average time) and meant no records to be made this day.

Was fun though and my back brake use was back to normal!

Time: 01:10:31
Distance: 29.25 km
Av.: 24.8 km/h
Max: 40.8 km/h
Calories: 522.9
Total for year: 206.46 km


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