Somewhat of a catch up

I realised this morning that my live journal involvement has been rather lapse, owing to probably the biggest week of Morrigan Books‘ existence so far. We are just finishing off the three books that will be launched in England and Australia over the next two months and all the inevitable tweaking is taking time.

They are looking rather impressive though and I have to admit that the Morrigan Books team impresses me more and more daily. They are all so committed and so focused in every area of the company and make it an absolute joy to be doing this!

Maddoc is just amazing me more and more too. We had a faint hope to have him potty trained before baby two came along and he has not only done that but he no longer has a nappy in bed at night either – the boy is two years and four months old for crying out loud! Not that that is so impressive when you think of parents who stopped the nappy routine after a couple of months but hey, I’m over the moon!

His language is all over the place in such a cool way now as he uses Swedish grammar, combined with English and Swedish to get the message across. My current favourite is ‘doggen kommer’, which means ‘the dog is coming’. He really should say ‘hunden kommer’ but dog is a pretty solid word in Maddoc’s vocabulary (as is ‘car’).

I was asked to copy a DVD yesterday, which could only be viewed on a computer. It is a filming of Fuat in a conference in Australia. Whoever did the DVD has copied it onto the disc in such a weird format that you have to use explorer to open it and view it. I just took the video_ts files and added them to Nero and Robert was suddenly my mother’s brother.

Double checking it on the TV screen made me cry. I mean I had my brother-in-law there, right in front of me, talking about how his research has taken so long and will continue to.

Etina and I had a sort of date on Tuesday, as it was seven years to the day since we had gotten engaged and she agreed to see The Dark Knight with me. We chatted afterwards about the tragedy of Heath Ledger and my thoughts went to the Oscars. If he is nominated, then many are going to see it as a sympathy vote for his family. The truth is he deserves to be nominated. His performance was fantastic and even though I enjoyed Nicholson’s joker in Batman, Ledger’s performance reminded me of all the things I loved about the character in the comics. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic and so so saddening that he can’t reprise the role.

The film was extremely enjoyable too and I heartily recommend it to one and all.

Right off to typeset, you know how I love it so…

(many thanks to goth_huntress for showing me the magic of semagic as this thing kicks Live Writer’s arse!)

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