In light of recent events…

… the event in question being me having watched the final episode of Wonderfalls, I will now list what I consider to be the best five TV shows of the last few years (if not ever).

In this post I will just list the five with plans to discuss them in more depth in posts of their own soon.

Top Five TV Shows

5. Wonderfalls
4. Deadwood
3. BSG (I will not be discussing this on LJ, as I have agreed to do an episode by episode review for ASif!)
2. Twin Peaks
1. Carnivale

I am sure lots will disagree with me but hey, you have your own LJ, put your own five on there! (Actually do, as I’d be very interested in seeing them.)

(note to self: I have started using semagic for posts now, meaning that music is song and not album, as previously listed)


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