Public Service Announcement

It’s been a year that it has. However, I have designated September as the month I start to sort some stuff out, to deal with some issues that have bothered me, for varying reasons, making September a sort of re-birth if you will.

I’ve been forced, for various reasons, to make a lot of my posts friends only and I haven’t really enjoyed that. I wanted this LJ to be open to the globe. Still things have to be done.

I considered making it a friends only journal but I like the audience too much and so I decided the best way to deal with any confusion was to trim the friends list a little so that I continue to make the public posts I do for everyone but making the friends locked posts a little more exclusive. It’s actually only the second time I’ve done this and the first was due to people I had little or no contact with.

This time it’s something I need to do as a part of my search for a happier me in 2008, in preparation for the big events on their way…

There is no intention at all to make this personal, just something I felt I needed to do.

[Transmission ends]


About Mark S. Deniz

English teacher, writer, editor, publisher, reviewer and blogger. Founder of publishing company, Morrigan Books and imprint, Gilgamesh Press and editor-in-chief for review site, Beyond Fiction. Also cycles, plays floorball, listens to lots and lots of music, reads a ton of books and tries to fit in some TV, film and writing too. View all posts by Mark S. Deniz

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