A couple of days I could have done without

It’s weird because work-wise things have been going well for me so it was maybe time that the personal had to have a kick.

A couple of you were asking where I was last night and I’d sort of had enough. I called a friend (as promised) and then watched an episode of Stargate SG-1. I’m not that impressed just now but am told it will get better. I think I’m looking out for something close to BSG and this (and Farscape) come nowhere near at all.

Anyway, what’s been going on then?

Well we found out earlier in the week that the murderer has actually appealed to the high court. His appeal was rejected on the grounds that he was too late but he has appealed that and so there is a chance that there will be a third and final trial. That’s not actually the problem, as I would prefer that it went to a third trial as there is no way he is getting off, meaning he can only get what he already has (ten years) or get life, which he was so close to getting last time.

No, the problem is that the Deniz family’s lawyer didn’t think it was worth mentioning that he’d appealed, because that’s not what you need to do as a lawyer is it? It was only because Etina’s sister had to contact the court regarding another matter that we found out.

The second was when Etina contacted the Assyrian TV channel to ask why they have taken so long sending us the DVD of Fuat’s funeral that they promised. The deal was that they were allowed to film the ceremony as long as we received it afterwards. The news she got was disturbing to say the least when they informed her that Fuat’s widow had already been sent the DVD a couple of months ago. When we discussed the DVD with Runa, before the funeral, she said that we could do whatever, as she wasn’t interested.

Her memories are not photos or DVDs, as she tends to remember them her way [insert 3 hour speech here about how she remembers] but now has taken the DVD and refuses to give it to us (or do us a copy) as punishment for Etina and her father for lying to her.

Basically she hated the family before Fuat’s death and she hates us much more now. She has always had a problem with the culture, which I understand, but the way she goes about it is vile.

We went to the hospital to check on baby and baby seems fine but for the fact I had to take a sample in this morning for testing, as they think Etina has an infection. This is something that could affect baby. They didn’t act too concerned about it but you can’t help but worry and the journey home was a little more sombre than usual.

My toughest moment was just after we’d got in and the midwife said to Etina “Are you stressed?” and Etina nodded. She then asked “Are you often stressed?” and Etina said “Yes.” She’s much better now than she was when we met but it still pains me that she has not been able to calm down, especially when she needs to.

I have a few things I need to do work-wise today but I can’t seem to get motivated.


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