One thing starting off another

I’ve been wanting to post for a few days but haven’t gotten around to it, stuff keeps coming up, mostly of my own making and today I have just had to force myself.

I fly to England tomorrow and I’m very much looking forward to this trip, being as it is the Fantasy Con and the launches of The Even and How to Make Monsters (with Voices as a pre-launch offer). I’m also looking forward to seeing my sister and family again and there’s already a day excursion planned with my niece and nephew, so that should be fun. It’s actually the last time I’ll stay in the house where I grew up, as my sister has sold it in preparation of her move here in a month or so.

Been a thoughtful and melancholic morning after the news of Richard Wright. Julia Dream just played and that one did make me sob, seeing as not only was Wright involved in that but Barrett sung it, and his death affected me muchly two years ago. I know the biggy for me is going to be Roger Waters and it’s going to sting with the added knowledge that, due to having a big argument with Etina last summer, I refused to go to see him in Stockholm with her and my brother-in-law, Fuat.

So I’m like a jumbled mash today: very excited about the England trip and launching our first three books, meeting lots of people I really want to meet, spending time with the family, to also thinking about the recent Floyd tragedy and of Fuat and of the demolition of the family home (as it’s being knocked down to make way for new flats).

But I’m good, overall I’m good. The weekend was spent moving the cot back into our bedroom (from up in the attic) and moving the study/office from the bedroom into the living room (which looks a lot better than I thought, being as our living room is huge) and moving the piano from the living room into the bedroom.

I freed up quite a bit of space with my moving around of stuff and even though it doesn’t look anywhere near as cosy and welcoming as it did when we had been here a couple of years, it still looks pretty good and will now do us for another year or so, as when baby moves out of the bedroom, we REALLY have to move.

Oh god, If, is playing – now I am a mess…

“If I were alone, I would cry”


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