Day off

Well yesterday turned out to be great. I had been asked by etina if I could have a day off to help her clean and prepare for eleven of her colleagues coming over for dinner and I reluctantly agreed.

However, the day was just what I needed, as we chatted a lot and listened to some top tunes whilst cleaning (Kristin Hersh, Murder by Death and Eels) and there was a feeling of something different in the flat, being as these were the first guests that were coming over for a sit down meal since 11th December 2007. That’s a long time for anyone but for an Assyrian used to entertaining on a regular basis…

I also felt I’d needed the e-mail/IM free day too and the only thing I did on the computer was add a few new players to the FIFA09 database, as erybar and I are going to be trying an experiment of playing the game in two different countries by sending save games back and forth. We also think it’s cool to have ourselves and friends in the game and so he’ll be a striker for my Accrington Stanley in the Coca Cola League Two and I’ll be a midfielder in his for the mighty Rochdale, also in Coca Cola League Two (and as a little nod to anged)

mylefteye and petekempshall join the list of twelve that will start their careers in the dizzy heights of the Coca Cola League One, just above us…

I then chatted to my sister for a bit, who’s unhappy about her move to Sweden being delayed by legalities, before watching another episode of Damages, the show that etina is hooked on right now.

I got a shock with Damages, as etina had seen an ad for it and intimated she wanted to watch a couple of episodes to see what it was like. I was a little sceptical about it, as it was one of the few shows I’ve watched recently that hasn’t been talked about in length by my flist.

I’m impressed though so far (up to episode ten) and there are certain scenes, and their use of colour and saturation that really get me. If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean and if you haven’t that’s not a spoiler.

Right back to the grind, I have another few book covers to design…


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