Today was just one of those days – I have been exhausted since I got up and have had masses to do, mostly stuff that I wasn’t even aware of before I started the day (oh this running your own business lark)!

Loads of people have mailed with good news and wondered why I have not been as positive about it all. I totally understand them too.

However, we had our ‘final’ check up at the hospital today (as baby is due tomorrow) and after all the routine tests the midwife asked if it was okay if we stayed behind a bit as they wanted to do a second test of baby’s heart rate.

We discussed me and Maddoc leaving (as he had left nursery before his after lunch sleep and was struggling) but one look from the midwife convinced me that wasn’t the thing to do.

We had another test and the midwife still wasn’t happy and passed the results over to a doctor who came back with an okay a little later.

So all is well but the scare and the extra worry of the day has left me a little out of it to say the least. I do believe I’m sick too, which would explain the tiredness.

Hopefully I will be doing some bouncing around tomorrow but for now I’d rather just collapse.


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