“What do you do when you feel like you’re living a lie”

Had a bit of a chat with the wife last night about Maddoc’s nursery schedule. You see when baby is born *taps feet* then Maddoc cannot be a full time nursery boy but has to drop his schedule to fifteen hours a week.

He was supposed to drop to that this week, as baby was supposed to be born but we agreed to keep him in full time another week, so that Etina could rest and I could get some work done. Thankfully we got much of the former but alas not much of the latter, due to me being under the weather.

I decided that he is going to start his fifteen hours from next week because, even if we haven’t had the baby by Monday, it means that daddy and Maddoc get some quality time together and I think that could be important before baby. We are going to be spending a lot of time after baby comes along too but this is an important decision for me.

This means that from next week my time is going to be extremely limited – you have been warned.

I am anxious about baby, mostly because I haven’t got any confirmation as yet in terms of how much Etina’s emotional state over the last nine months have affected baby. Mostly people want to talk about the physical and seeing as Etina is fit and exercises regularly and eats well then there is no problem there. But the mental state is a whole nother kettle of fish.

I think I may set up the account for baby’s future therapy costs. I’ve actually already been asked to do that by wedschilde for Maddoc and so why not both?

Back to some God Machine listening over the last couple of days. It seems like I am feeling guilty for nudging them off the top spot…

Oh I just listened to In Bad Dreams, anyone recognise the title? *winks*

Thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode of Supernatural and so so understand why Jensen Ackles got the scenes he got. He really is the backbone of the show.

I should be able to take half my posts off friends only when baby is born too and that will feel good!

Right off to do some work… I think


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