Mystical updates (and other stuff)

I do believe I have found my album of 2008. I have looked over recent tags and noticed that I have not made any wild assertations of what was to be the album of the year back on January 3rd this year and this time am a bit more confident of my choice.

No, of course I’m not telling you…

I have some boring stats under the cut though, mainly for peeps such as: pete23, mushkush, xjenavivex, athenais, wild_heart and integritysinger.

As of today I have 132 albums graded, with another 55 to give grades to. All this has to be done before 30th November, as that’s when the deadline for albums to come under this year’s chart ends.

No real shockers this year so far, as the stuff that I expected to be a bit naff, has turned out to be that and the artists I expected quality tunes from have delivered.

An amusing stat this year is in regards to my wooden spoon of the year so far. This is being held firmly by Sheryl Crow just now, whose album, Detours, is one of the most irritating I have heard for a while.

Artists to come out of nowhere for me and be in the running are:

Lightspeed Champion
Lykke Li
The Helio Sequence
Kaki King

So you should be going off and giving them a listen. I have some deep listening to do over December but these few will be quite high, along with some established bands in my CD rack.

More to follow on this…

There is a chance I have a new office for Morrigan Books, as a colleague of Etina’s has a free cellar space that she wants to let me use. It sounds like a top idea, both for the company and for our home, and we are chatting muchly about this at the mo.

Lot of work going on at the company, mainly to do with me and organisation. I am attempting to put the house in order and just now, things are going well. I do have a couple of evil jobs left though…

Oh… and I’m tired…


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